Accurately transcribed data is vital for the smooth functioning of any business and company. Transcription means creating a textual transcript of any important audio or video business-related interactions like meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. for use in the future, or present. Transcription becomes extremely important for businesses to avoid any disputes or lawsuits that may arise later on. It is definitive proof of what was said at an interaction which can be invaluable for a company trying to grow and make money. But the process of transcription is slow and tedious and even though it can be done yourself, it is often advantageous to outsource the work to a transcription company. These advantages include


• A transcription service helps you get your transcripts in a timely and organized manner which can then be distributed to shareholders and office employees on a regular basis. This way everyone is informed and this can be vital in the smooth running of the company.

• Transcription can a godsend during the research phase of a project. Any research will involve conducting interviews and surveys. Transcription helps you consolidate those recorded data in one place so you can make findings much easier than scouring through the recordings one at a time.

• Research has shown that transcription is great for SEO optimization. A website that has video without a transcription is less likely to get visitors as opposed to a website with transcripts and tags which has the potential to bring new clients to a business through the website.

• A graduate or medical student knows that a thesis is a big part of getting a doctorate because it is used to test a candidates’ competency in their field of study. So as part of the thesis, there will be plenty of interviews conducted so the student can substantiate their points. This needs to be documented in text form even if recorded as audio to be approved by a mentor.


• In the medical field, proper records need to be kept of each patient and their conditions. During surgery, the doctor will record the entire session to avoid lawsuits and for teaching purposes. This then needs to be converted into text form so it can be archived properly.

Transcription services thus have a crucial role to play in business, education and medicine and its importance must not be overlooked. A good transcription service can streamline your workflow and make everything work better. They can offer customized service from professionals with a quick turnaround time at standard hourly rates.